IN THE CUT EP.70 |🍦 The cast of Caleb🍦

In this special episode of IN THE CUT, we are joined by the cast and creator of CALEB.

“CALEB” is the story of a misfit 17-Year-old black kid, struggling to find where he fits in, dealing with the pressures of an Academics focused mom, a preppy private school friend, and a cousin whose ends don’t necessarily justify his means. The film gives us an insight on a few days in our new friend Caleb’s life while he’s chasing the coveted letter of recommendation from Mr. Barnes, to get into the best school of his choosing, however, Caleb’s life has other plans….

We speak to cast members Niko Mouratidis, Anthony Gebski, Jared Vrysellas, & Alijah Racine. on their acting debuts and their favourite memories from shooting the film. Writer and Director Marcus Letts tells about his inspiration behind the story and some of the significant scenes in the film.

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