IN THE CUT EP. 83 | 🍦Paul Chin🍦

Paul Chin is a lifelong student, lover, and explorer of music, which manifests itself in his work as a music producer and DJ. In the two years since his critically acclaimed ‘Full Spectrum’ EP, Paul Chin has been further crystallizing his exploratory sound and storytelling with this full-length debut.

He returns to the IN THE CUT Podcast to discuss his latest ‘And Under Heaven, We Are All Made of Water’. We discuss some of the themes of the project and the process of building this album during the lockdown. He talks about the many hats he wears and his ideal role as an artist. This conversation goes in so many directions without ever missing a turn. As a veteran of the program, he has his reasons for not finishing the ice cream this time around.

You can listen to The Cool Table LIVE every Wednesday @ 11 am EST 1280AM on your Radio 📻 Online 💻


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