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The IN THE CUT Podcast is an interview series where guests are challenged to finish a tub of ice cream before the end of the conversation.

IN THE CUT EP. 74 | 🍦iamhill🍦

In the finale of Season 2, we talk to Iamhill ahead of the release of her latest project, ‘Sellout’.

Iamhill has always used music creation as a means of catharsis and Sellout is no exception, standing out as her most aggressive collection of songs to date. We discuss some of the themes of the album as well as the importance of NFTs for independent artists.

She gives us a very unique answer about which exotic animal she would add to her life. Sellout drops on all streaming platforms on June 3. You can listen to The Cool Table LIVE every Wednesday @ 11am 1280AM in Toronto📻 Online 💻


IN THE CUT EP. 73 | 🍦Coverama🍦

Founded in 1998 by Graham Stairs, Popguru Sound & Vision is a diversified music company. On Friday, March 20th they bring us ‘Coverama’ the album. It features contributors from Popguru’s diverse roster. The covers span multiple genres and eras from Prince to Radiohead.

We spoke to John Orpheus, Sam Casey, & Shaina Silver-Baird of Ghost Caravan. They discuss their individual choices for the album and the anticipation of returning to the stage.

You can listen to The Cool Table LIVE every Wednesday @ 11am 1280AM in Toronto 📻 Online 💻

IN THE CUT EP.70 |🍦 The cast of Caleb🍦

In this special episode of IN THE CUT, we are joined by the cast and creator of CALEB.

“CALEB” is the story of a misfit 17-Year-old black kid, struggling to find where he fits in, dealing with the pressures of an Academics focused mom, a preppy private school friend, and a cousin whose ends don’t necessarily justify his means. The film gives us an insight on a few days in our new friend Caleb’s life while he’s chasing the coveted letter of recommendation from Mr. Barnes, to get into the best school of his choosing, however, Caleb’s life has other plans….

We speak to cast members Niko Mouratidis, Anthony Gebski, Jared Vrysellas, & Alijah Racine. on their acting debuts and their favourite memories from shooting the film. Writer and Director Marcus Letts tells about his inspiration behind the story and some of the significant scenes in the film.

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IN THE CUT EP. 69 | 🍦Moscow Apartment 🍦

Moscow Apartment is a Toronto-based indie band. The award-winning duo is gearing up to drop their third project this year, we discuss their evolution as producers and their process as writers. They take us behind the scenes of their infamous Christmas playlist.

Brighid and Pascale give multiple answers for their favourite exotic animal and we give advice to their younger selves.

IN THE CUT EP. 68 | 🍦Mauvey🍦

Mauvey is a BC-based singer-songwriter-producer he was born in Ghana and raised between the UK and Canada. His album The Florist focuses on themes of love. While each song is sonically different, love in all its facets with all its heart is the grounding force of the project.

In this interview, he talks about his title and the self-proclaimed ‘Best Gift Giver Ever ‘. Mauvy dives into his creative process and his discipline in keeping his art authentic. He gives us 3 powerful answers for Wednesday Wisdom along with plenty of gems along the way.

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IN THE CUT EP. 67 | 🍦Borelson🍦

Borelson is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative entrepreneur based in Toronto. After formative years spent between Gabon, Congo and France, he took a leap of faith and relocated to Canada by himself. His latest album ‘Building Bridges’ is out right now.

We dubbed him ‘King Collab’ for his ability to seamlessly join forces with artists across the world. He tells us about the creation of the Ghana Remix and the importance of Lift Every Voice.

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IN THE CUT EP. 66 | 🍦Leila Dey🍦

Leila Dey is a Toronto-based R&B artist who has garnered international attention for her smooth tone and songwriting. In early October, she released her latest project Detour. This project is years in the making and Dey joins IN THE CUT to talk about some of the experiences that inspired it.

We talk about the powerful intro written by Desiree Mackenzie and her process of recording the Blessed (Freestyle). She tells about some of the important people in her life and some insight for Wednesday Wisdom.


On this episode of IN THE CUT, we sit down with a legendary figure in Canadian hip hop history, Shad. We take a trip down memory lane and discuss some of his earlier works like ‘Rose Garden’ and ‘The Old Prince Still Lives at Home’.


Shad breaks down the themes behind his new project ‘TAO’ (00:06:00) and the importance of community. This is a lengthy and introspective conversation that ventures in many directions. We talk about the Last Dance and reminisce on some of our favourite teams from the ’90s. (00:23:20) Hip Hop Evolution (00:36:00) Shad tells us the Top 5 people in his life that help make him feel like himself (00:45:00)