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The Cool Table EP. 219 | 🍦THE.INTERLUDE🍦

This episode of The Cool Table included music from Janelle Monae, Burgz, Robert Glasper and Mouraine. It also featured a portion of our interview with Patrik Kabongo discussing his upcoming project ‘I Tried to Sing a Song’.

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify:


The Cool Table EP. 216 | THE.LEAN

  • This week’s radio show included new music from Driver95, Eric Ryan & Dijah SB. This episode featured an early listen ‘To Ricky Bobby’.

Toronto’s next up, Driver95, is dropping his first single of the year, Ricky Bobby. Ricky Bobby is inspired by Driver’s love for cars, racing, and NASCAR fashion. Produced by Michael Lantz, Ricky Bobby is a toxic hip-hop record, about getting what(who) you want. With trap undertones, Drivers’ music is here to shake up the rap scene.

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify: