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IN THE CUT EP. 53 | 🍦Cadence Weapon🍦

Parallel World, the latest project from Cadence Weapon is described as an ‘Art Party’. With flashes of electronic production mixed with thoughtful lyrics, this is album is substantive and refreshing. He discusses the ‘Summer of Black Pain’ and how the collective action around the world inspired the project. We get into his chicken cooking abilities and his advice for new artists.


IN THE CUT EP. 86 | 🍦Harrison🍦 In The Cut

Harrison returns after a 5-year hiatus. His new album Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees is jazz focused with a mix of funk and old-school hip-hop elements. He discusses his growth as a pianist and some of his favourite songs from the project. Harrison calls his new sound 'Diet Jazz' and cites Vince Guaraldi as one of his key influences.You can listen to The Cool Table LIVE every Wednesday @ 11 am1280AM on your Radio 📻CJRU.ca Online 💻
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