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IN THE CUT EP. 56 | 🍦Mercedes Caxaj🍦

Mercedes Caxaj is the Artistic Co-Director for Sunfest London and Head of Programs for Small World Music & Global Toronto. Sunfest was one of the first festivals to take place on its original date at the start of the pandemic, Caxaj tells us how they made it happen. She gives us tips on grant-writing and lets us know who she is dying to see in concert.


IN THE CUT EP. 45 | 🍦Alex Bent🍦

In this episode of IN THE CUT, we talk to Alex Bent from Alex Bent + The Emptiness. In promoting his latest single ‘2sides’ he sent out physical CDs! We talk about how the writing process has changed during quarantine and the direction of the new album. This episode ends with a bang as he delivers us a stellar quote for Wednesday Wisdom.

IN THE CUT EP. 41 | 🍦Meg Warren🍦

In this episode, we are joined by Meg Warren to discuss the release of her debut project ‘A Thousand Ways’. She boasts about her ice cream eating acumen despite being lactose intolerant. Some of the songs on this album were written years ago and we discuss the evergreen quality of the project. She talks about her own realizations about racism and drops us some gems for Wednesday Wisdom.

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