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Rare Forms of Magic 🍦EP.1🍦 | Funke (VIDEO) (Part 2)

Funke Talks his writing process and some of the inspirations behind the Country Club! mix-tape.

Rare Forms of Magic 🍦EP.2🍦 | EZRA.JORDAN

In the second episode of Rare Forms of Magic, I talk to Ezra Jordan about his musical upbringing, his horrific accident, and what he’s learned from being a part of CTV’s The Launch. Ezra’s music is as honest and open as he is, listen to the full interview here: 

The Cool Table 🍦EP. 11🍦 | THE.BURN

Episode 11 of The Cool Table was titled THE.BURN and featured the second installment of the Rare Forms of Magic Series an interview with Ezra Jordan. We discussed his musical past, D’Angelo and the meanings behind some of his lyrics. I talked about Billie Eilish, was an Apple Music UpNext Artist for 2017. THE.BURN showcased new music from Jaden Smith, The Neighborhood, & Lais. You can listen to the full episode here:

You can listen to THE.BURN Playlist on Spotify:

The Cool Table EP.9 | THE.SET

The episode of 9 of The Cool Table features the first installment of the interview series titled, Rare Forms of Magic series. Episode 1 of Rare Forms of Magic featured Funke, self-proclaimed Coolest Teen Rapper Online. We talked about how he started rapping, his latest mixtape, and his upcoming music.

This episode included some discussion about the new album ‘Cybersex’ from Blackbear and the 2018 Grammy Nominations. New music from Blue Paradise, Honors, & Miguel. Listen to the Full Episode Below:

Listen THE.SET playlist on Spotify: