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IN THE CUT EP. 63 | 🍦Neela🍦

Neela is a multi-talented R&B-pop singer-songwriter, actor and dancer. Her music explores the complexity of human emotions in the face of raw, sensual desire. In this episode, we talk about her latest project ‘Prelude’ and her return performance in Toronto. She discusses the importance of self-care and being authentic in her lyrics.


Neela tells us about her past life as a turtle and towards the end, she takes over as host and asks her own questions.

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IN THE. CUT EP. 46 | 🍦Gisun🍦

In this episode of IN THE CUT, we talk to Gisun about the Gracias a la Vida Project. We discuss their partnership with Music Heals and the importance of Music Therapy. She shares the process of putting this project together during Corona and some history behind the song. This conversation is an informative one, she drops off some powerful gems for Wednesday Wisdom.

The Gracias a la Vida Project

The project is partnering with Music Heals is to bring attention to the importance of music therapy, where proceeds of the song will be donated to Music Heals to support them and their work and to encourage public involvement.

IN THE CUT EP.34 | 🍦Georgio Savvides 🍦Founder of The Hip Hop Orchestra

Changing the perception of Hip Hop and Classical music has been a longtime goal of Georgio Savvides. In creating The Hip Hop Orchestra he brought that idea to life, dazzling crowds in some of the largest venues in the UK 🇬🇧 . Earlier this year Savvides launched the Hip Hop Orchestra Podcast, leading him to talk to inspiring voices from around the world.

We discuss some of his early musical influences as well as some of his keys to success. Towards the end, we talk a little footy and try and predict Lionel Messi’s new landing spot.

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