IN THE CUT EP. 75 | 🍦Domanique Grant🍦

In the premiere of Season 3, we talk to a friend of the show Domanique Grant. The Toronto soul-pop singer-songwriter recently released the first installment of her Double EP, Queen /Dom.

Grant discusses her journey of growing into her ‘Queen’ moniker and the part her religious upbringing played in her relationship with shame. She talks about the complications of being a Leo and why elephants in theory make great pets.

IN THE CUT EP. 74 | 🍦iamhill🍦

In the finale of Season 2, we talk to Iamhill ahead of the release of her latest project, ‘Sellout’.

Iamhill has always used music creation as a means of catharsis and Sellout is no exception, standing out as her most aggressive collection of songs to date. We discuss some of the themes of the album as well as the importance of NFTs for independent artists.

She gives us a very unique answer about which exotic animal she would add to her life. Sellout drops on all streaming platforms on June 3. You can listen to The Cool Table LIVE every Wednesday @ 11am 1280AM in Toronto📻 Online 💻

IN THE CUT EP. 73 | 🍦Coverama🍦

Founded in 1998 by Graham Stairs, Popguru Sound & Vision is a diversified music company. On Friday, March 20th they bring us ‘Coverama’ the album. It features contributors from Popguru’s diverse roster. The covers span multiple genres and eras from Prince to Radiohead.

We spoke to John Orpheus, Sam Casey, & Shaina Silver-Baird of Ghost Caravan. They discuss their individual choices for the album and the anticipation of returning to the stage.

You can listen to The Cool Table LIVE every Wednesday @ 11am 1280AM in Toronto 📻 Online 💻

The Cool Table EP. 202 | 🍦THE.CRY🍦

​This episode of The Cool Table included new music from Everything O’Shaun, Nonso Amadi, Patrik, & Staasia Daniels. It featured a portion of our interview with Toronto Soul-Pop Singer Domanique Grant.

You can listen to the full episode here:


You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify:

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